Monday, May 14, 2018

Best Dam Place For Your Fish And Folf Fix

In an interesting bit of road trip serendipity, TSG discovered a bonus attraction at the McNary Dam Pacific Salmon VIC: a really nice frisbee golf course.
 Nice to know you can call the park rangers to help you retrieve lost discs.
To the right: the Pacific Salmon Visitor Info Center 

To the left: First tee of the Dam Disc Golf Coure


Parm said...

Looks like a superbly maintained disc course. Did you play, and if so, how did it play?

W. "Golden Bear" Biscuit said...

It was a nice course--rather flat but well-laid out and easy to navigate from hole to hole (always a plus when playing solo on an unfamiliar course). I played 3 other courses on my sojourn, the best being Brooktrails in Willits CA--a beautiful course shared with a 9-hole "regular" golf venue with holes winding through groves of redwoods. The only not-great thing about the Brooktrails course is the $10 green fee, more than I've ever paid to play any course, but worth it for having the entire place to myself on a Tuesday afternoon.