Saturday, August 13, 2016

Interpret This As You Will

World Beat Center/Balboa Park   (text:TSG) 


Parm Shrugged said...

Atlas's weaker young brother, Frank, who wasn't strong enough to hold the world but could manage the lower 48?

Willard "Beast of a Biscuit" said...

That's as good an interpretation as any...I originally thought of characterizing the image as Olympic-themed, but then I considered it might be a good metaphor for the state of political discourse we've been subjected to. In the end I decided to leave the "meaning" up to the reader(s).

Re: the "Shrugged" comment, I wonder--would Frank Atlas have his own version of Dynamic Tension?

Parm said...

To your wondering - "yes," though perhaps with smaller, weaker rubber bands.