Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Impressive Local Fungus: The Latest Scoop

TSG's famous(?) fungus continues to do it's fungus-y job of breaking down the neighbor's tree stump. The top of the stump is now being used as an planter box for some type of fern, while the lower reaches are gradually submitting to the inevitable process of decomposition. There's even a cave-like opening at the base now.

The most recent development is a bright yellow growth, seen here from various angles:

While the show-off fungus definitely catches the eye, the drab brown bits are still doing their part on the back side of the stump:

Stay tuned for further dispatches as we document this dendroidal decline.


Parm said...

Could make a nice display entitled "The Blob Versus the Fairy Garden."

W. "Not Nye" Biscuit said...

It may not surprise readers to find out that this stuff is commonly referred to as dog vomit slime mold. Also, it is not a properly a fungus--slime mold has it's own separate branch off the Eukaryota phylogenetic family tree.

This ends your science lesson for the day.

Vomitologist Parm said...

I'm pretty sure that if a dog ate it, that dog would, indeed, vomit. Hence, perhaps, the name.

Or maybe I'm overthinking this.

ed said...

Reminds me of "The Incredible Ick" (sp?)