Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Largest Spruce, Largest Goose

Trivia tidbit: Howard's big bird was mostly built with birch, not spruce.


Goosed Parm said...

Neat. Where is that spruce tree located? It's kind of gnarly looking, like it's seen some bad times along with some good times, maybe.

yawndave said...

The spruce tree is at Lake Quinault, on the southwestern edge of Olympic National Park. It's right off of South Shore Road next to the grounds of the Resort/RV campground. There are supposedly 5 "champion" trees in the area but I only saw this one.

Parm said...

I've only gotten to the Olympic National Park once, and we were unfortunately moving fairly quickly, leaving behind a lot of unseen sights. This was one (or five) of them.