Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Shoreline/Skyline Sit-Down

Bear Gulch Reservoir CA


Not Fake News Parm said...

That is quite awesome. I am presuming that it is a genuine shot of clear, smooth water reflecting the opposite short and sky above, and it is great. In this day and age of Photoshop, however, I guess great shots like this immediately come with the spoken or unspoken question; is that real?

Willard "Dodge and Burn" Biscuit said...

Other than boosting the contrast and sharpening a bit, that is a "real" image.

Speaking of photo manipulation (I may have mentioned this before), take a look at Ansel Adams' Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada, From Lone Pine, 1944. In the "real" image, in the upper corner of the dark ridge, the initials "LP" were spelled out with white rocks. The initials were removed by masking that part of the negative before making the final print.