Sunday, April 23, 2017

Plenty o' Polliwogs @ Pig Pond

TSG encountered a bumper crop of tadpoles at this water hole in Pacheco State Park--
more than we've ever seen in one spot before.

 Also in attendance today:
  1.  a swimming garter snake
  2.  a polliwog parent 
  3. some dragonflies doin' it.

Dark/shadowy area along right edge of pond--all polliwogs!


Tadpole Parm (not really, but it sounds kind of nifty) said...

Man, there's just no shame at the Pig Pond these days. And, yeah, that's quite the plethora of 'poles. They seem to kind of fly in formation, too. Perhaps they have some kind of competition coming up with tadpoles from another nearby body of water?

W. "Ribbit" Biscuit said...

I was a little disappointed not to spot any dragonfly nymphs amongst the other denizens of Pig Pond. Those polliwogs would certainly make good eatin' for them. I don't suppose too many of those proto-frogs will make it to 4-legdom, but I'll bet the hills will be alive with the sound of croaking in the not-to-distant future.