Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lacking Confidence

East of Sherwood Forest
Tuolumne County CA


Parm said...

Suffered a fire, right? Looks like everyone ran, the fire was put out, the padlock went on, the owner got the insurance check and checked out of town and never looked back. There's probably still booze in some of those bottles back behind the bar.

That's the kind of town that really, really needs to offer namesake souvenir pencils.

yawndave said...

According to my research (done after reading your comment), the Inn was built in the 1920s and was the last vestige of the "original" gold mining town. Apparently the place had been abandoned for some time and was vandalized prior to the fire which pretty much sealed its fate. The owners are nowhere to be found and the community is mulling over its options cost-wise on tearing it down vs some kind of restoration effort.

Truth be told, what prompted using this as subject matter for a post was I liked the reflection of trees and blue sky in the jagged glass in that "looking through the broken window" picture.