Saturday, February 6, 2016




Parm said...

"1234" followed by "4321."

I didn't even try to fathom a connecting theme, I just let my eyes and my mind meander and wander.

Imagine, for example, a rummage sale somewhere that featured each and every one of these items (well, perhaps excluding natural rock bridges on the seashore).

W. 'Simple But Cryptic" Biscuit said...

Well, in "1234" you have a single image followed by a collage of 2 images, followed by a collage of 3 get the rest.

Paarrrmmmm said...

Ah!!! In hindsight, I always feel that I should have caught the catch with such a thing, but in reality I rarely do. Nice conceit - I approve.

Willard "The Obfuscator" Biscuit said...

I could've gone with "Things TSG saw on our roadtrip to Pismo", but that's just so clich├ęd, don't you think?