Monday, May 4, 2015

Unhappy Campers

Siskyou Summit, Oregon


Parm said...

Well, at least that driver has a place to hang his hat while waiting for help to arrive, I guess.

That's kind of a nasty green color for those trailers, if you ask me. Course, nobody did.

Reminds me a little bit (well, more than a little bit) of a trailer known as an R-Pod (or something like that). We see quite a few around here.

Gotta say, I do enjoy the frequent updates here at TSG when road trips are in the offing!

yawndave said...

The green color is an artifact of using Picasa's "1960s" filter. There's a smaller mini-canned ham trailer called a T@B that I've seen towed behind small SUVs--an interesting idea except for the loss of handling that goes along with pulling a trailer.