Sunday, May 3, 2015

Greetings From The SRRVRDGC*

*aka Sacramento River RV Resort Disc Golf Course

The first day of our road trip ended up with a late afternoon round of disc golf along the banks of the Sacramento River.  The only other players on the course were just finishing up when we arrived  so we had the whole place to ourselves. How exclusive!

As usual, TSG can't putt worth shit on pole holes, but since we don't keep score it's all good.  Playing Frisbee Golf on the road can be a mixed bag--some courses are poorly marked and have a lot of disc-concealing shrubbery which makes for a lot of time spent looking for wayward throws or the next tee.  The folks who run the SRRVRDGC have done an exceptional job in course layout for ease of play. We feel kind of guilty that the office was closed when we arrived because playing there was certainly worth the five spot green fee.

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Parm said...

Those holes look to be in exceptionally good shape. New, or well maintained?

If the TSG roadtrip brings him towards Northern Idaho, there is a park in Post Falls (called, I believe, Corbin Park) that is located right on the Spokane River and that features an 18 hole course set amongst lots of tall trees, small hills, and craggy rocks. Very cool surroundings, though I have no idea how play-friendly the place actually is. Then again, being a public park, there are no greens fees.