Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seen/Scenes In Oregon Today

Sutherlin, OR
1950s Buick cruising along
Lower Table Rock as seen from Upper Table Rock
9th Street Corvallis


Parm said...

Well, probably no problems guessing which of these images is my fave.

No doubt those are pro offerings, right? Made out of concrete or plaster or fiberglass or something other than paper and chicken wire.

W. "Fun Guy" Biscuit said...

That photo is a typical "drive-by" highway shot where I spot something interesting and just try to get a semi-decent image as I'm zooming past. I didn't realize how much those 'shrooms looked like ours until I was reviewing the image afterwards. Unsurprisingly, the place is listed on the Roadside America site. The review makes me wish I had stopped in..."Inside are bead curtains, tie dye shirts, Indian print throws, dragons, mushroom lamps and incense -- Oregon Gifts is a trip into the past. Hippies young and old stopped in while we browsed the shop." Aw...that makes me wish I took the time to pull off I-5 and have a look. Oh well, that's a stop for another trip.