Saturday, January 24, 2015

Images From Abandoned Post Ideas: "Sand Waggin'" and "Racist Surplus?"


Parm said...

Wow, some pretty harsh contrasts there, huh?

We had a dog named Hannah that adored the beach and surf. Those waggin' pix brought back some good memories.

Can't say I really have any memories, good or bad, that were surfaced by the other abandoned topic. I had relatives with all kinds of odd and/or nasty knick knacks (such as an elaborate, light-animated picture of a farmer boy taking a whiz in a stream), but (bless their hearts), none of them had any racially-motivated stuff.

yawndave said...

I normally wouldn't put a tag of "racist" to subject matter like that, rather I'd of consider the pictured items as "Americana" and leave it at that. But after reading some yelp reviews of J&S Surplus, I thought I had a good potential post title.

TMI Re: the "boy and his dog at the beach" sooner had I snapped off a half-dozen shots of the boy and his K9 pal, the dog proceeded to happily dump a full load right there into the water. Yuck!

Scooper Parm said...

Our dog Hannah once pinched a loaf while squatting in the surf at a lake. That was a puzzler for sure. Sure didn't want to just leave it there, but I was not well equipped to retrieve such a thing from such a place, either. By the time I had cobbled together a possibly-suitable toolkit, I then couldn't find the object of my attention.

All things considered, a most unsatisfying turn of events.