Monday, January 12, 2015

And There It Is

Our photo as seen in "The Who Hits 50" Tour Programme:


Parm's next said...

What the heck??? That looks like Roger hanging out with Dave Haynes????

Obviously, that's not correct. So who is the guitar slinger sharing a sit-down with RD?

And, all of that aside, tres cool, TSG!! Muy special! You snap many a cool shot and it's great that somebody picked up on that.

W. "Official Who Photographer" Biscuit said...

Of course that's Pete, clean shaven as he was for the 1980 tour. Interesting trivia: Pete had a date after the show that night with Annie Leibovitz, and he didn't even bother changing his shirt!

Happy Parm said...

Wow. He looks so young there!!

My apologies, Pete; I wasn't quite fair to you, was I?

Annie dated the folks she snapped shots of? Isn't that kind of a conflict of interest or something? Then again, look who Maaca ended up marrying (the first time around).