Friday, July 4, 2014

A (Marin County) Fair Assesment


Parm said...

Did that one sign say "Beef or Porn?" That can't be right, but that's what I noodled out of it as it flashed by.

The home-spun works of art were great; high amusement quotient.

One shot of the live music offering. I'm gonna guess it was fairly pedestrian and not worth hanging around much for? Kinda "been there, heard that?"

W. "All's Fair" Biscuit said...

The act was The Wailers, performing the album "Legend", so perhaps not so pedestrian. I'm not really a fan, so I didn't hang out at the pavilion--but the music did provide a nice backing track for wandering around.

And, yeah, the kid/folk art on display at county fairs is always quite wonderful. There were several themes this year including an impressive line up of decorated chairs,bird houses of all shapes and sizes,fantasy Ferris Wheels, and a nice display of beach ball art.

Wailin' Parm said...

I know of the Wailin' Jenny's (I like them) but I'm not familiar at all with the Wailers. Not sure that's a very good band name. It's better than, say, "Fingernails on a Blackboard," but not as good as "The Coughers" or "The Nostrils."

I suppose that's all rather subjective, of course.

And no help with "Beef or Porn?"

Jammin' Biscuit said...

You may recognize The Wailers by their previous name, Bob Marley and The Wailers.

No Worries Parm said...

Oh. Yeah. That "The Wailers."

Reggae has never been my cup of tea, I'm afraid. Something about it actually quite-highly irritates me. Speaking of "subjective," right? I disliked it before I even knew what it was. Like Eric Clapton's "I Shot the Sheriff," I just abhorred from the first few measures I ever heard it. Immediate grounds to change the radio channel. Our family vacation to Jamaica was something of a troubled one on this account - I spent as much time underwater as was humanly possible.