Friday, June 27, 2014

QTown 3/05

QTown, where, you ask?
 Hint: the first pic should be all the clue you need.
Taken with a Nikon Coolpix 3200, TSG's first digital camera. 


Parm said...

That is a Hard Rock I've not yet managed to visit. I think I hit all of the ones in Australia, though, except perhaps one in Melbourne.

Kiwi's are very cool. (Talkin' 'buot the birds rather than the people, though I'm sure they are very nice, too.)

That grave marker is something else. Not only goes on in considerable useless detail about the deceased (like, about when and where they died) but does the same for their father (I think) as well. Having someone else die "with their face towards the enemy" kind of steals the thunder of the person for whom the monument was first offered, wouldn't you say? I mean, the monumentee basically just got in the way of a bunch of snow, it sounds like. I wonder if they died with their face towards the snow?

W. "Antipodiphile" Biscuit said...

My favorite of this bunch is the pic showing the gal and guy running to the bathroom under the watchful gaze of William Gilbert Rees and faithful ram.

Parm said...

No!!! They were running for the can??? No, not really???

Man, I hope they made it!!! They both look capable of extruding Ironman-sized loaves!!