Friday, January 18, 2013

Rock Stars Behaving Nautically (Redux)

Reports have revealed that 2012's Nelson's Pursuit Race champion recently returned to the Caribbean to defend his title. A repeat for our Pete was not to be as this year's trophy went to Peter Harrison's 115-foot Farr-designed Sojana with captain Marc Fitzgerald and helmsman Poul Hoj-Jensen.

Unfazed by his unsuccessful defense of the NPR championship, our windmilling wayfarer took time out for some work in the good deeds department. He made a rather handsome donation of a half-dozen Lazer Picos to the National Sailing Academy. As our coworker--who happened to grow up on the island--said, donating these sailboats to the children of Antigua was a "pretty wonderful thing to do". Link to story: Picos donated to National Sailing Academy by Pete Townshend and The Who

Photos by Kevin Johnson

Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Ice Time

TSG isn't ashamed to admit that we're pretty damn wimpy when it comes to outdoor activities in the cold (possibly due to our thin Californian blood?) 44 degrees isn't our idea of prime hiking weather but the sun was out--so we hit the trail for a couple of hours and got some interesting pics of mud puddles in the bargain.