Thursday, November 14, 2013

What The Cool Kids Are Wearing

Alternate title: Veronica Mars Backer Booty 

P.S.  TSG has an extra shirt (size "large") and a set of stickers to a good home. Offer good for a limited time only. Void where prohibited by law.


Parm said...

Whoa. Did you contribute to the Kickstarter effort, TSG?

W. "Marshmallow" Biscuit said...

Yep. You didn't have to be a 909er to get in on some of the goodies. I'm still looking forward to an early copy of the DVD and a PDF of the script. They're in post-production now,having gotten past the first test screenings.

Imagine my surprise when someone commented on the shirt today. He asked me if I knew they were doing a movie. I was proud to reply that I was a backer.

Parm said...

That's very cool. I was thinking about it, and life intervened and I just blew it off. Off entranced by the next shiny thing, I guess.

Any scuttlebutt about when the movie will release? Or will this not appear in theaters? Direct to DVD? Or maybe direct to Netflix or something like that?

"Backer" Biscuit said...

It will be a theatrical release as far as I know. I think they're shooting for a spring release next year. There are a couple of "teaser trailers" online, and us cool kids have access to some extra goodies in the form of blog entries, photo galleries, and a vid clip or two.

As far as being available on Netflix or something like that--hey, if they can stream Sharknado, you'd think they would able to stream the Veronica Mars Movie!