Friday, April 12, 2013

London Calling

Inspired by an article describing the impending demise of the great oak in Jack's front yard, we decided to go on a field trip. TSG found much more than an old dendroid living out it's last summer. Jack London State Historic park has loads of neat stuff, including the ruins of Wolf House and Jack's ahead-of-it's time roundabout "Pig Palace".

(ps: note to Veronica Mars fans--the kickstarter campaign is winding up, with over 91,000 backers and more than $5.6 million in pledges. Pretty impressive!)


Parm said...

Jack London fans may find themselves more than amused by a series of articles on Jack over at

Worthy slide show!

W.hite Fang Biscuit said...

Thanks for the link to the examination of Jack's life through the lens of his thumousity(?)...most enlightening.

I have to confess a very limited knowledge of his life and times until very recently, but my curiosity was piqued recently by a exhibit at the LA Maritime museum featuring photos from his voyage on The Snark.

Previously, my main exposure to JL's literary work was based upon a fellow student plagiarizing the first paragraph of "To Build A Fire" for an assignment in a Pioneer english class. He got a B minus.