Friday, March 1, 2013

TSG To SGP: "As You Wish"


Parm said...

Hah! Awesome! And well worth waiting (and begging) for! Clearly and indisputably your finest slideshow yet (and well embellished by the accompanying tune)!

The Pez Museum should link to your show; what excitement is promised!

I was highly amused to note the quick moment starring those O rings, by the way. And, wow, the hand model demonstrating how to load Pez candies into a Pez dispenser was amazing!

My own frown-face Pez dispenser continues to find usage and a place of honor on a table in one of our rooms, by the way. With every passing day I further confirm the wisdom of having made that particular selection!

OK, thanks for this posting. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming . . . .

W. "Westley" Biscuit said...

Well, I suppose I should thank YOU for providing a ready-made topic for last week's post. Saved me a bit of brain power, it did. (and I only have so much...ha!)