Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Places We Haven't Et In Or Slept At


Sleepy, hungry Parm said...

Some good ones in there. Got me wondering, however - would a local direct the out-of-towner to the "motel," or to the "Motel motel?"

The heck with a blog, TSG. You could probably start a whole website devoted to nothing but pictures of this ilk!

Willard "Leave The Light On" Biscuit said...

Photo notes: The original "Hi Let's Eat!" was a well-loved Lompoc institution that closed down years ago. The sign now graces The Jamala Beach Cafe, which is well-reviewed by yelpsters and tripadvisor-ites.

The Cat House Hotel is indeed a hotel for cats, so you should consider other lodging options in Santa Barbara.

The 49er Club in Mariposa is owned by a well-to-do eccentric who only opens the place up when he feels like it.

In looking for reviews of The River Lodge Motel, the only things I could find were crime-related, so you might want to steer clear of it.

Parm said...

That The River Lodge Motel sounds like a great place! At least, for budding sociologists to stake out and observe aberrant human behavior, anyway.

Elaine Linton said...

Who's we?

TSG said...

Our use of the majestic plural is a silly affectation. But, as noted in the wiki definition,"it is most commonly used to denote the excellence, power, and dignity of the person that speaks or writes"...and we kind of like that.