Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey! Hey! We're Going To See The Monkees!

They're coming down our street! (Well, Cupertino really, but TSG got 6th row seats and we are really jazzed!)

We didn't think it would ever hapen, but apparently Mike had a change of heart.

Rolling Stone article:
Michael Nesmith on His Surprising Return to the Monkees

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Parm said...

Wow. Tres cool. I kept thinking this was an elaborate prank posting, but it seems not! MN back in the groove! I hope and trust he's been practicing his guitar chops; he fell off that wagon for awhile and wasn't up to playing tunes like Pleasant Valley Sunday for a time. I predict they'll do some key Davey songs by stringing them into a melody and coaxing the audience into a singalong.