Saturday, February 11, 2012

Patent Number 6033322

Or: interesting things found while walking back from Togos on a Friday night.
(retail value $17.95)


Parm said...

According to the patent, that is a golf tool. Amusingly enough, it is magnetic, too. It repairs divots, holds ball markers, and perhaps best of all, has two nipples (at least, and again, according to the patent).

People are constantly inventing and patenting new toilets, mouse traps, and, yes, stuff for golfers.

Fudd said...

Nice weapon too.

Parm said...

Speaking of "golf," there was a Pebble Beach tournament on the tube today and my mother-in-law watched it to cheer on her favorite player (and to boo Tiger). Turns out she played Pebble Beach once herself, and on one hole her tee shot went to the woods, her next shot landed in a sand bunker, and her next shot went straight to the cup. She said it was the one and only time see got from the tee to the cup without touching either the fairway or the green.

W. "Golden Bear" Biskit said...

I've been a fan of Lefty's for years. Matter of fact, when I was on my 2004 road trip, I planned my drive from Chattanooga to Gatlinburg specifically so that I could check in and watch Phil play the last 9 of the Masters. He sunk a long put on 18 to beat Ernie Els by one stroke. Sweet!