Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The King At Mickey D's

Wednesday Night in Paso Robles, CA
note: TSG did not eat here.  Instead, we made a delicious* tuna salad wrap and enjoyed it 
in our room next door at the Adelaide Inn while watching Burn Notice.

*it would have been even more 
delicious if we had remembered to
bring the dill pickle relish, 
dang it! 


Parm said...

Good pix.

Only, is Elvis wearing a winter jacket????

Willie "Chicken And" Biscuits said...

Yes, Elvis does seem to be overdressed. Especially considering that the mid-winter weekend forecast for the region is for sunny skies and temps in the low 80s.

And to think that TSG was worried about having to drive down to SoCal in the the major concern is not getting sunburned!