Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tommy Test


Parm said...

I had read that while Pete was taking a professional snooze for the year, Roger was taking "Tommy" on the road featuring Pete's brother and play-it-like-the-record versions of the songs. Is this performance that?

Willard "Fake Pete" Biscuit said...

Yes. Rog and Co. put on an amazing show. Long-time fans and critics alike have been praising this tour, and rightfully so. Simon and Frank Simes don't necessarily channel Pete, but they have the chops to do him justice. Plus, Roger has a chance to do it his way as illustrated by his soft-shoe shuffle--Pete would never let that pass without some kind of sarcastic comment, you can be sure of that.

Added slideshow that had to be modified due to Universal Music Group's draconian copyright enforcement policy for the song "Days of Light".