Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Portraits of Terror (or, something to do on a sick day)

TSG ruined our long-running record of perfect attendance today (far and away the best in the office and completely unacknowledged*). Woke up feeling kinda crummy with a slight eye problem--we just couldn't see coming in. 
Oh well, that's the way it goes.

 *In ye olden days, PacBell used to reward a year
of perfect attendance with a day off w/out pay--
which was somewhat counterintuitive, considering
that employees were usually paid for 3 sick days/yr.
But hey, at least they noticed. 


Parm said...

Those little figurines are quite splendid. So accurate in some regards, and so . . . well, what IS it with their noses?

Sorry about the sick day. Hope it's nothing serious.

My Mom received a small award for each of a number of years while attending a one-room school house during her youth for not missing a single day. I'm thinking that small scrap of paper just might beat PacB's day off without pay thing.

willard "not quite in the pink" biscuit said...

Trivia tidbit: to my knowledge, the manager of our work group has NEVER covered/discussed the company attendance policy with ANYONE since I've been there.

Update on the Maui Jims: in a bizarre twist of fate, one of the lenses on my new Typhoons cracked--all the way from one side to the other. I took them out of the case and there was a small crack which grew almost in front of my eyes. Weird...I've never seen that happen on any glasses I've ever owned.

When I called to ask about a warranty repair, the customer service person apologized profusely. She reserved one of the 16 (gulp!) remaining lenses for my repair and waived the normal shipping fee (which I would have paid without complaint).

Parm said...

"Typhoon With a Crack."

"Cracked Typhoon."


Must be a good song title somewhere in that.