Friday, November 19, 2010

MooNiE harasses hapless helper

When you can't think of anything to blog about, you can always post a video clip of a guy hanging on a rope and making strange noises.


Fudd said...

Yeah, that's kinda...not right.

Parm said...

Hmmm. This would be something from a renaissance fair? Wonder how many times he's been smacked a good one? Probably sent him spinning on his little rope. Ah well; anything for one's art, eh?

Yon Dave said...

Oh, there's a lot of volunteer abuse in MooNiE's act. It's all part of the "fun". In this particular performance, the man was picked out of the crowd because MooNiE caught him texting during the show. That set off a whole diatribe about electronic devices, Gucci sunglasses and BMWs. At the end, though, participants are lavished with praise for putting up with it all. (This is right before the hat gets passed around, of course.)