Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's Hear It For Trout!

Yes, today we're talking 'bout trout, wily denizen of freshwater locales the world over. This post was inspired by a visit to the newly-opened eatery just around the corner, "Siam Leaf".  Being a fan of Thai food, I had high hopes for the establishment that had taken over from the ill-fated soul food place, "Jus' Like Ya Ma-Ma's".  Imagine my surprise to discover my favorite fish dish on the menu!  Oh, and  it was delicious, let me tell you.

This particular preparation, freshly grilled, was perhaps the largest trout we've ever been served.  Did we mention that it was done to perfection?  Yum, yum, yum.

So this got us to thinking about trout in general, and we decided to dedicate this week's blog entry to the iconic member of the salmon family.

Most of of these photos are from our travels in the Sierra Nevada, where trout are a prized trophy for fishermen of the fly-casting vartiety.  The baby trout photo was taken at the Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery, which was the stock source of California's golden trout for more than 90 years. (It also saved the Colorado cutthroat from extinction in the 1930s)

Trout are, of course, the obsession of the aforementioned fly-casters, with millons of dollars spent each year by people who want to stand  around in creeks and throw monofilament into riffles and runs. Even Hollywood notables such as Brad Pitt and Rock Hudson have tossed their lures into the pool.

And who can forget those crazy "big fish" postcards that vacationers send back to the folks at home? It is to laugh!

TSG once caught a trout bare-handed in Rock Creek, just north of Bishop, CA.  Much to our dismay, we were not hailed for our mad outdoorsy skillz.  Instead, our hiking companions admonished us severely for not having a fishing license!


Parm said...

That's quite the shout (out) for trout, TSG.

You, at the very least, have me pondering the legal definition of "fishing." If, for example, one is innocently wading in a river, and a crazed trout, for reasons known only to itself, assaults your backside in the manner of, say, a mushroom manically bent upon root rot, and in complete startlement you rush from the water to shore with said fish half protruding in a cantilevered fashion from said backside . . . can the DNR ticket you for having fished without a license?

Willard Biscuit said...

RE: unconventional fishing methods--The reason I mentioned Rock Hudson in the post is that he starred in Howard Hawk's 1964 romantic comedy, "Man's Favorite Sport?"

Hudson portrays fishing expert Roger Willoughby, the go-to guy for advice on how to "catch the big ones" at the Abercrombie & Fitch store in San Francisco. His boss decides it would be good publicity to enter him in a fishing tournament and sends reporter Paula Prentiss along to document his efforts.

Unfortunately, Hudson's character doesn't know the first thing about fishing outside the environs of the sporting goods showroom. He's never caught a "real" fish in his life.

The movie follows his piscatory misadventures, including scenarios like the one you mentioned. Does Rock win the tournament? Does he hook up (ha!) with Paula Prentiss? Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it? Check out "Man's Favorite Sport?" -- it's a great movie to watch on a lazy summer afternoon.