Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cool / not cool / cool

Cool: New chiller

Not cool: filthy pool

  :  posted from my iPod touch*

*slightly edited to modify photo resolution & line spacing


parm said...

Cool indeed.

Were the pix snapped using the Touch? If so . . . that appears to be a wide-angle lens? A genuine optical wide-angle lens or some digital shenanigans?

Willard Biscuit said...

No, the iPod Touch does not have a camera -- the next generation of the device is rumored to have one. The images in this post were "sync'd" from my laptop before being attached to the blog post.

And that is one of the reasons I wouldn't ever buy one for myself. (The other being I don't want to pay for another data plan.) The Touch is a WiFi device, so I can use it "free" anywhere that I have access to a hotspot.

The Ipod was an hugely overly-extravagant b-day gift from Elaine. Although I certainly appreciate the thought, that $$$ could have been put to MUCH better use in her own life. All I ever ask for these days--and am quite happy to receive--is one of her gourd creations.

This is the first gift that I remember actually trying to give back...the old saying "You shouldn't have!" certainly applied in this instance. But, of course, Elaine would have nothing of it, proclaiming that I needed to get with the mobile-device program, so to speak.

Yes, I have to admit it is a pretty neat little toy. I've already acquired a few apps and downloaded the elusive Steve Miller album "Recall The Beginning: A Journey From Eden". And, like I said to Elaine, the iPod is very handy for surfing the web from the confines of the bathroom...L, as they say, OL.