Friday, February 13, 2009


Next time you find yourself in Red Lodge, Montana, make sure to stop at The Red Box Car Drive-In. As our title suggests, they serve up the best onion rings in the land--and we've had them from coast to coast to coast. Unfortunately, Google's "street view team" (or whatever they call themselves) mis-timed their visit to Red Lodge. It appears that they cruised through town before 11AM. Don't make the same mistake if you wish to avail yourself of these golden delights. BTW, the chocolate malts aren't bad either.


Parm said...

That looks more like a bizarre donut than an onion ring. Which isn't, of course, a criticism in and of itself.

Wilard Biscuit said...

Well, look at it this way: take the onion out of an o-ring, and what have you got? A circle of fried other words, a doughnut.

Parm said...

How . . . doughy, man!!!!!!