Tuesday, April 23, 2019

"A Night At The Opera" -- Scholastic Voice Magazine 9/70

From the archives: a bit of ephemera acquired in our 10th grade creative writing class.


Parm can you hear me? said...

"Rawhide collection of apeman crazies." Wow. What the heck was left for you to write for your essay? Just sprinkling in various quotes from this article should have done the trick.

Willard "Sticky End" Biscuit said...

Well, as it turned out, I DID use a little Who-related content in that creative writing class. One of our assignments was to write something about an animal. I shamelessly plagiarized John Entwistle and submitted a slightly-tweaked version of "Boris The Spider". If I recall correctly, I got a B- for it.

Sticky End Parm said...

I would probably agree with that grade. The lyrics to that song sans the music and vocal performance are probably about a B, give or take. Which actually isn't bad. A lot of song lyrics, stripped of their music and vocal performance, are not so impressive.