Friday, September 14, 2018

Yoda Would Not Approve


Mr. Parm said...

And that is a tagline for . . . a new reality show? A rehabilitated puppy shelter? A cooking school for would-be chefs with small ambitions?

Willard "Johnny Good" Biscuit said...

The "RR" on the left side of the billboard stands for Rotten Robbie--the gas station chain. So I suppose it's a play on that, expressing the station's desire to evolve into "Good Robbie".

Mutts & Parm said...

Ah. Not familiar with Rotten Robbie, though I am familiar with the penchant of some small gas station chains to name themselves something both mildly memorable and somewhat disenchanting.

When I used to do more trademark law, and kept my eye on trademarks that folks were trying to register, I recall "Mutts & Butts" as the name of a convenience store that especially richly stocked themselves with cigarettes and dog food. I think it's no surprise that this store was not especially successful. The logo included, by the way, a cartoonish version of a happy, smiling dog that was smoking a cig.