Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Things You Might See in Crescent, OR

  1. Two-faced Lumberjack
  2. Grizzly w/fish
  3. Bigfoot Tavern

Bonus roadside creature content:
The Hub City Tapir
Chiloquin OR


Two-faced Big Parm said...

Ha. These are great. The two-faced Paul Bunyon is way creepy; awesome. If only the two sides sported different expressions, right? What I'd like to see is whatever it is that makes the bear feel so threatened about hanging on to his/her fish?

As for that cow (?), man, is that pitiful. All things considered, if they're going to keep the cow, you'd think they'd, you know, spruce the thing up with a shiny coating of chrome.

W. "Paraceratherium, maybe?" Biscuit said...

According to my research, that "cow" is a prehistoric tapir named Lilly, a remnant of Thunderbeast Park that went out of business in the early part of the century. Too bad, 'cuz it sounds like the kind of place I would really love to see.