Saturday, April 21, 2018

Get Yer Finger Cat Paws Here

In this case, "here" happened to be Bolinas Bay Hardware & Mercantile


Parm said...

Not sure why the top cat is looking so startled, right? Really not sure why anyone would possibly want to buy one of these at any price, let alone a couple of bucks. Plus, if anyone does purchase these, I fear what the purveyor will come up with next. Cat tails? Cat ears? Or maybe switch over to dog paws? And deer hooves? Sigh.

W. "Pyewacket" Biscuit said...

I love the 1-star Amazon ratings for Finger Cat Paws:

"...the tiny print saying "1 Finger Cat Paws per order," reveal[s] the sad truth that you're going to get a plastic bag with a single cat paw."

"It's one paw in a bag and my cat couldn't care less for it."

My advice is to purchase your FCPs from Archie McPhee where you'll get a 2-pack for basically the same price as a single FCP from the Amazon supplier.

Meow meow Parm said...

Maybe you could use 4 of them, at Halloween, to suggest a Zombie dead cat arising from it's grave?