Sunday, February 18, 2018

Again With The Beach Vibes

Another fine winter day on the California Coast


Parm sells seashells by the seashore said...

It's like this place went in a time machine to Route 66 circa 1955 and asked for some ocean-based signage ideas and other tourist-friendly montages. There is some charm here, to be sure, but quaint also comes to mind. The painting of the squid was truly excellent.

Anonymous W. "Beach Cruiser" Biscuit said...

The Capitola Historical Museum was closed when I was there but a little googling reveals the village is supposedly the first beach resort in California, going back to 1869. It does have a degree of quaint charm I suppose, as long as you're not looking for a parking spot on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Tasty tip: if you're in the mood for a street taco, make a beeline to Mijo's Taqueria.

Also, if you want to talk 1970s Bay Area rock concerts, stop in at the Surf N Shack and strike up a conversation with the owner Ray.

Parm said...

Sounds like a good tip about the Surf N Shack.

I guess someplace just had to be the very first beach resort in the golden state. And that date makes sense for the opening of a tourist attraction like that; not too long after the transcontinental railway got going and getting from points east to the west coast became way, way simpler. Just ask Mr. Harvey.