Sunday, February 25, 2018

4 Faces A Spider A Silhouette

Academy o' Science / de Young Museum / GG Park SF CA


Elaine Linton said...


Cootie Parm said...

I've read where researchers estimate that we each eat (unknowingly) something like 6 or 7 pounds of insect parts (where I think "insect" is used generically enough to include spiders) over the course of our lives. More if you are an earnest consumer of peanut butter. Perhaps these images are the artist's somewhat obsessive mulling over such a factoid?

Willard "Not Quite Rick Steves" Biscuit said...

Editor's note regarding the two venues featured(?) in this week's post: If you're planning a trip to Golden Gate Park with an eye to visiting either the de Young or the Academy of Sciences, my advice would be to skip the Academy and save yourself $35. They spent a lot of money to "upgrade" the museum but IMHO they disneyfied/kiddiefied the place to the extent where it's not all that great an experience for the adult visitor. (Additional money-saving tip: get to the park early to get street parking and avoid paying $20-plus in the underground lot)