Thursday, November 9, 2017

Pretty Funny

As we are wont to do, spurred by idle and random curiousity about Peter Sellers' character in Being There, TSG googled "Chauncey Gardener" a few minutes ago.
The search results page proved to be quite humorous. To us, anyway:

In case you're wondering, this image is an un-retouched screen shot.
Your mileage, should you attempt the same search from wherever you happen to be, may vary.


Chance Parm said...

I'm guessing that Wikipedia is littered with such images being dropped on articles that are deemed to draw out an amusing observation by that juxtaposition. As regards the President, he perhaps has less room to complain than some, given his own goofing with magazine covers that are doctored to include his mug and which are then framed and publicly presented at his clubs and such. Art imitating life imitating art . . .

W. "Neuromancer" Biscuit said...

My guess is that google's web-crawling algorithm found the name in an op-ed piece and then decided that a DJT image was a good match to go with it. I suppose there is a chance that the photo is the result of a mini-hack of some sort.

Whatever the cause, I think it's quite amusing. (Incidentally, I had 3 other people repeat my search on their computers and google returned the same image in each case)

Elaine Linton said...