Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Uppa(?) The Coast We Must Go seems the real line is "Off to the coast", but TSG likes our ms-remembered version of the lyrics better. As in the images represent a day's journey "uppa" the coast from Malibu to Pismo.


Elaine Linton said...

Some of the pictures overlap, did you mean for that to happen? Other than that, cool video. Makes me want to drive up the coast!

yawndave said...

The "stuttering slideshow effect" was some kind of software glitch that occurred during the "optimization" process. Didn't have time to mess with it on Wednesday but I uploaded and embedded a different version this morning which seems to work okay.

The absurdity of Parm said...

No stuttering here.

"Don't be a pizza poop?" OK. I'm not sure how I would be such a thing even if I wanted to be one.

So, going with a somewhat obscure Donovan track fended off the annoying automatic musical copyright robocop?

W. "Barabajagal" Biscuit said...

RE: "pizza poop" -- think "piece of" instead of "pizza" and I think you'll get the drift.

As far as the Donovan track goes, these days most of his stuff probably falls in the "obscure" category except to listeners of a certain age. My youtube video manager page shows that they recognize the song ("Includes copyrighted content") and indicates that the video may have ads during playback but they didn't send a takedown or restricted viewing notice.

Sunshine Superparm said...

I've really got a lot of catching up to do on this business of "reading" emoji's, I guess. Thanks for the translation.

FYI I did not see any ads during playback (or before or after playback, for that matter).