Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lions And Salmon* And Bears Oh My

[* And Beaver]

Seen on the Los Gatos Creek Trail this week:
  1. Big cat advisory between 85 & Lark 
  2. Just-finished Clean Creeks Coalition mural underneath Leigh
  3. Ohlone village mural beneath Main 


Grizzly Parm said...

Nice mural. Always appreciate such efforts.

Lot's of hoo-rah about a mountain lion. Couple years ago a mother lion and her 3 cubs were hanging around my son's neighborhood in CDA, as the mother taught the cubs how to hunt using easy prey (the latter being chickens in my son's backyard and assorted small dogs that folks left exposed in the 'hood.) There were local warnings to be cautious, but the lions seemed to remain well fed notwithstanding (although their diet did not include any people chow). They split after about 3 nights of that activity, seemingly back up to less civilized parts, the cubs having learned much about hunting and concealment during their field trip to town.

Elaine Linton said...

I stay away if there are Lion sightings, since I hike alone most of the tine.