Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lightly Tossed Word Salads

  1. Grab a bunch of signage pics
  2. Crop out a single word from each photo
  3. Plug cropped words into collage application
  4. Hit the "shuffle images" button 
  5. Look for humorous juxtapositions
  6. Create collage


Parm butts said...

Wow. This could go on for days, dude.

"Wonderful stamina butts kit" for starters. Sounds like a good ad for a very bad product.

Wonder if there is a Baja tune in all of this? Well, of course there is.

Parm said...

Had to go diagonally, but I found "Butts grub Joe."

I'm sure they do.

W. "Bear Face" Biscuit said...

My original idea was to piece together something like a cut/paste kidnapping/ransom note, but this concept won out. It was easier in that I didn't have to make up a message and then look for specific words or phrases.

A few of my favorite combos are "Bobble-head boss burros", "Carter's fabulous humpback lifestyle", "Superior snout programming" and "Grumpy wiggly bear".

Parm said...

"Famous pikeminnow grub." Had to go on the diagonal again.

And, yes, your fave's are very good. The superior snout programming one lost out (by a nose) to Carter's fabulous humpback lifestyle, in my opinion.

Grump magazine reader said...

If you include the punctuation that is already a part of the signage, one sees the informational command:

Grumpy wiener. Touch

Parm said...

"Bear Stamina Kit" sounds like a real thing, only on second thought, not really.

Elaine Linton said...

"Puckle Stamina"

White flag Parm said...

I concede. "Puckle Stamina" easily wins.