Friday, July 7, 2017

El Pescador Solitario De La Ensenada De Ballenas Grises


Call me Parm said...

The fisherguy chillin' in isolation is pretty obvious. The cove of grey whales, not so much. No whales there this particular day? And, up on the hill top, is that a residence, or some official structure?

W. "Ned Land" Biscuit said...

The bunker up on the cliff is all that's left of the Devil's Slide triangulation/observation post that was built during WWII. It's just a graffiti magnet now and it won't be too many years before it slides down into the Pacific.

Gray Whale Cove State Beach is a supposedly good spot for whale watching but I didn't see any that day. The migration season runs from April to June so the big guys have already been through for this year. There are a lot of Humpbacks in the SF Bay though and it's one of the best years ever for spotting Killers in Monterey.