Friday, May 26, 2017

Your One-Stop Disc Golf Shoppe In Grand Junction

For all your frisbee golf needs, stop in at Triple Play Records @ 530 Main. 
This is the only record store/disc golf emporium we've encountered, but it seems like a good combo in this particular locale (there are several nice courses in the vicinity along with a University Of Colorado campus just blocks away). 


Parm said...

Near us is a combination flying disc supplies store and . . . laundromat. This place is located fairly close to an 18 hole course, so maybe that is explanation enough.

I've actually been looking at "holes" with the idea of making a course on our property. I'm not liking the self-standing ones with the base on them, cuz I'm thinking they are going to need to be more securely held in place (a post in concrete, say).

Elaine said...

I golf but have played Frisbee golf.