Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spaceship As Seen From Southwest Flight 2530

New Apple headquarters in Sunnyvale.
  Looks a little like the building from the new Patton Oswalt movie,
 don't you think?

Lo-rez[sic] screen grab / Trailer for "The Circle"


Parm said...

Yikes. First, as to your comparison, "of course." Second, and to repeat myself, yikes.

Trying to decide if this building is what comes inside the Pentagon as a box, or vice versa.

W. "Bumper to bumper" Biscuit said...

I was reading an article that said Apple's Spaceship would be one of the "greenest" buildings ever. It went on to say that it had 11,000 parking spaces and the influx of new workers would worsen the already horrible commute traffic on 280 and feeder roads. Oh well, that's progress for ya.

Parm said...

Makes me think of the Sci-Fi book Oath of Fealty and its centerpiece locale Todos Santos, a ginormous building for a quarter of a million people to live, work, shop, and basically live to the exclusion of all the nastiness out there in the real world.