Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Love a [Cow] Parade

Bedecked bovines spotted along the SLO Cow Parade Trail in Cambrian and San Simeon 


Parm said...

I really like this thing where a town or whatever has a bunch of animals that are painted up like this. Rawlins, WY has pronghorns, Coeur d'Alene has moose, and like that. The amazing liberties that unleashed imaginations spawn with such a canvas or often so very cool. Often transcending both the essence of the animal as a medium and cliche artistic sentiments. Thanks for sharing these.

Willard "Cud" Biscuit said...

In the eastern Sierra they have the "Trail of The Trout"--large decorated fish can be seen at various spots in Mono County. Similarly I've seen a slew of painted bears up in the Shasta area. It would be a cool project to document these "Animal Sculpture Installations"...if someone was to have the time and inclination.