Sunday, December 11, 2016

Q:What? A:The Dickens

Assorted signage from the lanes, alleyways, shoppes and halls
 of the 46th Great Dickens Christmas Fair. Bonus points to anyone
who can spot the connection to last week's post.


Ed Carter said...

Being a Benefit for Mr. Kite

W. "Pablo Fanque" Biscuit said...

Ding ding ding! Correct! 20 bonus points are yours. Collect 100 points for a special prize.

Editors note: I didn't notice that Mr. Kite playbill when I took the picture--my eye was more tuned to snapping a pic of "random" notices on a wall. It wasn't until I after I uploaded the image for the blog post that I noticed Mr. Kite topping the bill.

Ignored Parm said...

Hmmm. I posted a comment the same day as your original posting. I am guessing, by its omission here, that the comment didn't make it somehow. If so, that is the first time I've experienced such shabby treatment by

TSG Customer Service Desk said...

We here at TSG apologize for the shabby treatment you received from our provider. Please accept 20 bonus points for having to suffer this cyber injustice. :-)

Another satisfied customer said...

It's how your service provider treats you when something goes wrong that really tells you the measure of their service. Thank you, TSG - those bonus points are gratefully accepted and I look forward to redeeming them at the TSG on-line gift shop. Your 5-star rating remains intact.