Sunday, December 4, 2016

This Weekend's B-attle Sightings

Fab4 encounters @ the SJ Toy Show & various SF Gift Shoppes

BBC(Bonus Beatle Content)--link to youtube clip from Rutland Weekend's 1975 Christmas episode: George Harrison, Pirate


Par-rrr-m said...

That video clip was great. I had never heard of such a show or that particular skit. When George allowed his sense of humor some room, it was great. Thanks much for posting the link, TSG. Beatles and pirates (and a little bit of Python to boot) - tremendous.

Willard "Jelly Baby" Biscuit said...

I got turned on to that video by the Rolling Stone article "10 Things You Didn't Know George Harrison Did" I was aware of the Rutland Weekend Television (check out the "Pommy" skit) I didn't know about George's guest appearance as a pirate...or that he was the first Beatle to meet a US President.

Parm's Day's Night said...

That quiet Beatle sure could be quiet, huh? So, which president did he meet? Pretty sure Macca has. Wonder if Ringo has?