Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Own Private [Photos Of] Idaho


Parm said...

You did get around, TSG. A bit of this is familiar as can be, a lot of it is not, and another little bit is . . . really? Nice music choice, too, for a Sunday morning viewing.

One question - a pic shows a bunch of rocks or stones or parts of a rocky wall or whatever, and many are numbered. What was/is that? Are those just the years of graduation for kids from some local high school who pay way more attention than usual to placement and font continuity?

yawndave said...

Your intuition re: the numbered rocks/stones/rocky wall is quite correct. Apparently the practice has been going on since 1920. It's referred to as "Number Hill", "Hill of Numbers" and "Graduation Mountain" on various websites...and a little more investigation came up with an image of the "Arco Number Hill Sign". I'm kinda bummed out that I didn't see that during my brief stay.

Parm said...

Seems like kind of a lame tradition when it's so orderly and condoned. Like, rebellion in a can, or something.