Saturday, November 19, 2016

Assorted Distortions

(Or: how to kill a few hours messing around with sunset pics on a rainy afternoon)


Drippy Parm said...

Ha. These are great. I go back and forth as to whether I like the last one (the only one with a hint of reality) the best, or the least. There is something compelling about the little people there going about their beach thing as though everything is normal, when clearly things are not normal. The coolness of the distorted-beyond-recognition images is undeniable, but that last image really sticks with me.

It's a rainy afternoon here, too, so thanks, TSG, for this eye candy to distract from our sogginess as well.

W. "P-shop Dabbler" Biscuit said...

That last one is definitely my fave. I used the "Glass" distortion tool, where you can select an area, "grab" it, and then stretch and/or moosh it around to your heart's content. I didn't think of naming it at the time, but after careful consideration I have decided to christen it "Tsunami Valley Sunset".

Elaine Linton said...

You are getting quite creative these day!

The beach sceen leaves me with a strange sad feeing. Cutting off, falling off, split, not connected, seperated....

Good Job!

Well maybe its the after effects of the election or maybe its becase Mrs. Brady (Florence Henderson) passed.