Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thanks, Patrick!

That would be Patrick from apartment D-1, who came up to me at the mailbox yesterday and said, "You like The Who, don't you? I have something I want to give you..." He wandered back to his place and came back a minute later with this:

Patrick is the other resident rock fan here at Hermitage Arms. His concert-going career goes back a long ways. How far back does it go, you're asking? Well, he saw The Beatles at the L'Olympia Theatre in Paris in 1964.  Cool guy.


Who is Parm? said...

Where the Beatles were when they learned that I Want to Hold Your Hand hit number 1 in the US.

Amusing bumper sticker; nice of him to gift it to you.

Willard "More of a KOME guy than a KMEL guy" Bisc;uit said...

Yeah, I knew that the Fabs found out about hitting #1 at the Paris gig...mostly because I just saw the Ron Howard documentary (twice now) ;-)

My neighbor Patrick is an interesting guy--but once he gets to talking you may be in for a loooonnnnggg conversation. He's a big Pink Floyd fan--he said his greatest disappointment was not getting to see band play live with Roland Petit’s “Pink Floyd Ballet”.