Saturday, September 17, 2016

Have A Seat

Baypointe Pkwy / SJ CA


Parm said...

True art. As in, it is saying something, but exactly what is up to the viewer.

For me, it's saying which came first. My guess is the graffiti appeared, followed later by the sofa that someone placed out there hoping to tempt someone to scarf it and haul it away.

But, this being art, there are other worthy interpretations as well.

Willard "Not gona surf on THAT couch!" Biscuit said...

I walk down this street two or three times a week on my lunchtime walk. Both the couch and the graffiti have been around for awhile--I honestly don't remember which came first. I had originally taken my camera that day to get a shot of the "life size" Hulk statue in front of the Cogswell College building across the street. Sadly, the Hulk was gone so I had to settle for the discarded couch of trust.

Parm said...

Long term, the couch shot is probably the better of the two possibilities.

Really? A life-size Hulk statue? How . . . banal.

Ha. Haven't used that snooty word in quite some time.