Friday, September 9, 2016

A Logical Way To Spend The Evening

What better way to cap off another day in paradise than by catching a Gorn fight courtesy of the BBC Ameica ST TOS Marathon?  (Man, the colors really pop in the remastered edition!)
Sadly, we were not able to get a good pic of the guys with the big heads with the pulsing veins.


"Jim, this man's dead"-Parm said...

Eye-popping colors indeed. Tres cool. I still have pretty clear memories of seeing this episode for the first time (sadly in black and white) back when it first aired. A small-screen, black-and-white Gorn is considerably more creepy looking, I might add, than what we see here. Still love the original series, but I have to admit that I have to sometimes work extra hard to look past the sometimes (OK, almost always) cheesy special effects and such.

Elaine Linton said...

Sort of looks like a Ninja Turtle.